Safe Moves, a non-profit organization, is recognized as the leading authority in traffic safety education in the country. Safe Moves has not only been credited with saving thousands of children’s lives through education, but also through legislation with new traffic safety laws.
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Car SmartZ - THE MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL DRIVER AWARENESSData shows that teen drivers cause 20% of all vehicle-related deaths and injuries. The lack of school-based and/or affordable driver education programs have created a generation of unskilled teen drivers. “Car Smarts” is an innovative program designed to reach pre-drivers and new drivers in order to establish and reinforce the need for their awareness of pedestrians, bicyclists and other motor vehicle operators as well as the need of good driver skills. Lessons on the responsibility of car ownership are discussed including maintenance and
insurance requirements.

Students drive battery-operated cars through “Safe Moves City” and are asked to perform basic driving skills. Through the exercise of maneuvering the car through the city streets, the student driver will experience twenty (20) potential collisions including a child running across the street mid-block, a teen crossing against the light or a bicyclist running a red light.

This experience will not only alert the students to the high level of skill needed to drive, but also allow them to experience their own vulnerability as a pedestrian, bicyclist and motor vehicle operator in traffic. By taking the role of the driver, students will see how easily they can be distracted and the importance of a high level of concentration needed to perform as a safe driver.