Safe Moves, a non-profit organization, is recognized as the leading authority in traffic safety education in the country. Safe Moves has not only been credited with saving thousands of childrenís lives through education, but also through legislation with new traffic safety laws.
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A School-Based Program to Promote Better Health and Nutrition

Food SmartzWhy Teach Nutrition?
School is an ideal place for kids to learn and practice good nutrition. And the classroom is the best place to start. Hereís why itís important.

  • Only 2 percent of children meet the Daily Food Pyramid recommendations.
  • The number of overweight children has nearly doubled in the last decade.
  • One out of four children is overweight or at risk of becoming overweight.
  • Sixty percent of children ages 5 to 10 have one or more heart disease risk factors.
  • Only 29 percent of children attend daily physical education classes.
  • Research shows that knowledge and skills children learn today will help them choose
    healthier foods tomorrow and into adulthood.

What is Food Smartz?
Food Smartz, one of many in-school programs offered by the non-profit organization Safe Moves, is designed to engage students in healthy eating habits. The program features an school-based entertainment presentation to encourage children and teens to practice better eating habits and to meet the recommendations for the Daily Food Pyramid.  Programs are geared to students in first through eighth grade.

The school program for kindergarten though 2nd grade is formatted similar to a childrenís television show featuring magic, music and food themed costume characters such as Tony Tomato, Bob Broccoli, Bill Bread, Freida Fruit Bowl, Ricky Rice and Nora Noodle. The characters perform rock Ďní roll songs and skits depicting nutrition choices facing children.

The school program for 3rd through 8th grades is formatted similar to a game show with segments including Food Jeopardy, Survival of the Fittest, Food Art, Food Factor and Food News.

Food SmartzThe program content is age-appropriate for each grade level, but with the consistent messages of:

  • Identify daily habits for good health.
  • Recognize that nutritious foods are needed for energy and to grow, learn and feel good.
  • Identify healthy eating habits (e.g. eating a variety of food, a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner, choosing nutritious snacks and drinking water).
  • Identify exercises and forms of recreation to increase the physical activity

Food Smartz currently reaches more than 450,000 students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade per year in Los Angeles County

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