Safe Moves, a non-profit organization, is recognized as the leading authority in traffic safety education in the country. Safe Moves has not only been credited with saving thousands of children’s lives through education, but also through legislation with new traffic safety laws.
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Collision data indicates that the traffic-related deaths and injuries among teens are increasing. “Safe Moves” is designed to create positive attitudes toward traffic safety. 



Safe Moves has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors for its work in the field of traffic safety.

A sample of these awards includes:

1996-2004: United States Department of Transportation “Safety Program of the Year”

1996-2004: United States Department of Health Services “Prevention Program of the Year”

2000-2003: “Helen Putnam Award for Excellence” from the California League of Cities

1993-2004: Selected as the most effective bicycle and pedestrian programs by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals for national “A Best Practices Report” prepared for the Federal Highway Administration

Part 1: Safe Moves Traffic Awareness Education Classes

Safe Moves conducts classes on traffic safety as it relates to 6th, 7th and 8th graders when they walk, ride a bicycle and/or travel as vehicle occupants or use public transportation.

The classes consist of comprehensive lessons on:

  • Recognition and avoidance of common traffic collisions
  • Understanding of driver and pedestrian/bicyclists behaviors
  • Railroad crossings/trains
  • Public bus/school bus transportation
  • Understanding of traffic volume, traffic flow and traffic operations
  • Explanation of California Vehicle Codes
  • Safe behaviors in and around vehicles including buses,
    trains and trucks
  • Physical, social and economic consequences of traffic collisions




Part II – “The Anatomy of a Traffic Collision”

Safe Moves conducts school-based events to simulate traffic collisionsSafe Moves conducts school-based events to simulate traffic collisions for the purpose of educating students on the causes of traffic collisions. The events are interactive exercises allowing students to examine the cause of collisions, therefore
understanding how they are preventable. The crash sites are replicated in “Safe Moves City”. “Safe Moves City” features eight (8) collision sites where the victims are outlined in chalk to represent the location of the crashes in relationship to the vehicles and the surrounding environment including a collision on a railroad track. Cars are placed in the position of impact and skid marks are included to add realism to the crash site. Witnesses (student actors) are available on the scene to discuss what they saw.

Part II – “The Anatomy of a Traffic Collision”Teens are organized in groups and given collision reports to complete for each crash site. The basic information on each collision includes the age of the victim, the day of the week and the time of day. The teens must review the information, review the crash site, interview the witnesses and complete the report with details on how the crash happened and why.

After the reports are completed for each crash site, the teens are lead in a discussion by Safe Moves staff to determine if their conclusions were correct and how the collisions could have been avoided. In addition, solutions are discussed on what countermeasures can be taken by law enforcement, schools, and the
community and city governments to prevent traffic-related deaths and injuries.