Safe Moves, a non-profit organization, is recognized as the leading authority in traffic safety education in the country. Safe Moves has not only been credited with saving thousands of children’s lives through education, but also through legislation with new traffic safety laws.
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Wear It For Life
Wear It For Life


Did you know that teens have the highest fatality rate in car crashes?

Car crashes are the leading cause of death of teens and 2/3rds of those teens who were killed weren’t wearing a seat belt!

Is there a way to convince teens to wear a seat belt? There is and we can provide it free of charge to your school. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, through a grant provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety, is conducting WEAR IT FOR LIFE programs to promote seat belt usage among teens. These programs are interactive and innovative in educating teens on the importance of wearing a seat belt.

WEAR IT FOR LIFE includes two (2) parts.

Part 1: Collision Course

The Collision Course is an interactive exercise allowing students to examine collision sites simulating fatalities and injuries caused by non-use of seat belts and distracted driver behavior. The crash sites are replicated in a miniature city with an actual crashed car set up on school property. A discussion will take place regarding the law and the penalty regarding the non-use of seat belts and what countermeasures can be taken to prevent traffic-related injuries.




Part 2: Rock Climbing Wall

Students have the opportunity to climb a 20 ft. rock wall with a safety harness with the supervision of professional staff. The rock wall is designed to demonstrate the importance of seat belt use by explaining a fall from the 20 foot rock wall would have the same impact on their bodies as not wearing a seat belt in a car that crashes at 20 miles per hour. The experience makes the point that seat belts save lives. All activities are supervised by trained professional instructors.

Our "Rock Climbing Wall" program demonstrates, in real time environment, the physical impact of the trauma of the impact of a crash.

The "Rock Climbing Wall" is also a valuable tool in establishing a sense of realization for students.  We have used the Wall with deaf, blind and other challenged students, with fantastic results, establishing their 'contact with reality' and fortifying their independence and self reliance.