Teach traffic safety the fun and effective way!

What is a “Safe Moves City?

“Safe Moves City” is an interactive hands-on exhibit allowing children to experience traffic situations as pedestrians, bicyclists and scooter safety in a safe learning environment. By using a realistic traffic environment, the ability of children to recognize and avoid traffic hazards is improved.

How Does “Safe Moves City” work?

“Safe Moves City” is for children between the ages of 5 and 16 years of age. “Safe Moves City” can accommodate almost any space available. The minimum space is 40 feet x 60 feet and the maximum size is 150 feet x 200 feet. The space should be a flat paved area of the playground that is accessible by our vehicle. The equipment is made out of plastic and will not harm the playground, parking surface or gym/auditorium floor. “Safe Moves City” can be set up inside and parts of the “Safe Moves City” are ideal for classroom presentations.

Safe Moves City

What is taught at “Safe Moves City”?

All lesson plans are designed to be age-appropriate and administered by trained safety instructors. Rodeo Lesson Plans are as follows:

  • Safe places to walk, ride and roll
  • Unsafe places to walk, ride and roll
  • Explanation of traffic signs and signals
  • Rights and responsibilities of pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Recognition and avoidance of common pedestrian and bicycle collisions
  • Explanation of driver behaviors
  • Explanation of pedestrian and bicycle policies/ordinances
  • Explanation on how walking and bicycling are fun, healthy and safe ways to commute to and from school

How I can order “Safe Moves City”:

  • Decide on what kind of “Safe Moves City” you want and then select the pieces.
  • Shipping and handling are additional.
  • Training is provided by Safe Moves. Please call for training rates and if you need any assistance in selecting the pieces for your “Safe Moves City”.
  • Safe Moves requires a purchase order before your order is confirmed.
Safe Moves City
Description Unit Price
House w/Garage $600.00
Storefront $600.00
School $600.00
Car w/Cell Phone Driver $500.00
Car W/Driver w/o Seat Belt $500.00
Car W/Driver w/Seat Belt $500.00
Railroad Track $300.00
Railroad Signal $350.00
Railroad Crossing Gate $400.00
Railroad Crossing Sign $350.00
Train $400.00
Train Light/Signal $350.00
Pedestrian Signal $350.00
Pedestrian Push Signal $350.00
Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign $350.00
Stop Sign $350.00
School Bus $500.00
Truck $500.00
Ice Cream Truck $500.00
Public Bus $500.00
Sidewalk Pieces $600.00
Total $9,450.00

For more information or to make a purchase
Call: 818.786.4614 or Email: Safe Moves City Info

Safe Moves City