What We Can Do for You

Reducing traffic-related deaths and injuries to school-aged children and teens has been the mission of Safe Moves for over three decades. Their expertise in designing and launching programs dedicated to encouraging alternative modes of transportation to and from school, educating parents on traffic safety and helping create more walk able and bike able communities, makes them the most sought-after leader in traffic safety in California.

With over 400,000 elementary school children in the Los Angeles Unified School District, we need innovative programs to reach these kids. Safe Moves fits the bill each and every year with their traffic safety program.”

Carol Takaki, Student Traffic Safety Coordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District

We work closely with schools, school districts, community police and local governments to execute a variety of programs that make school environments and neighborhoods safe and more livable for children and families.

Whether it’s a five-year grant to improve emissions around schools in northern California or a one-day seminar for distracted teen drivers in Los Angeles, Safe Moves will formulate a program that fills your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Depending on the program, here are some of the things we can do for you:

  1. Utilize experiential educational principles to conduct successful, customized programs.
  2. Establish a partnership relationship with each targeted school in order to best implement the specific program
  3. Create plans that address each school environment, traffic concerns and the diversity of the school community
  4. Provide a series of hands-on lesson plans uniquely designed for each age group and grade level
  5. Supervise scheduling of seminars and rodeos
  6. Supervision of education programs and general operation
  7. Help schools revamp their pick up and drop off areas to make them safer
  8. Teach parents about pedestrian safety, car seats, bike safety, toy safety, as well as health and nutrition for kids.
  9. Provide in-service training for staff
  10. Create and maintain public awareness campaigns for print and electronic media
  11. Create working relationships with community organizations and governmental agencies
  12. Monitor progress and evaluate program feedback
  13. Identify additional sources of funding to increase scope of work
  14. Deliver a turnkey program. No volunteers, materials or equipment required from schools.

Safe Moves provides experience, empowerment, guidance, motivation and vision, helping change behaviors and promoting well being for children, parents and communities.